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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Then The Game Is On......
Mr. Allan Quartermain
Hawley Griffin
Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Captain Nemo
Mina Murray
Sometime In The 1780's
An Introduction
The Documents
The Picture Archive
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Though Miss Mina Murray is the official leader of the group, her colleagues know little of her background save that she divorced her husband following some scandal. One may wonder at first what qualifies a former schoolteacher to be placed in charge of some of the most dangerous men in the empire. However, circumstances reveal her to be highly intelligent, resourceful, and level-headed in tight situations. She's also not the slightest bit intimidated by her colleagues, men as notorious as Nemo and savage as Hyde; she bosses them around with impunity. She's quite concious of the fact that she occupies an unusual position of authority for a woman; and she gets very testy if she feels that her teammates are leaving her out or not taking her seriously.

Dracula. Bram Stoker. Penguin Classics edition