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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Then The Game Is On......
Mr. Allan Quartermain
Hawley Griffin
Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Captain Nemo
Mina Murray
Sometime In The 1780's
An Introduction
The Documents
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A former Indian "mutineer" against the colonists, Nemo became so disgusted at his countrymen's surrender to the English that he ran off, built his own high-tech squid-shaped submarine, the Nautilus, and became an infamous techno-pirate.  Apart from adventure and the opportunity to level machine guns at Englishmen, one can only guess at Nemo's reasons to be working for the empire he once hated.
Despite his staggering genius, Nemo for the most part prefers to keep his own counsel, save for the occasional ominous remark. Among his teammates, he suprisingly relates best with ex-colonialist Quatermain.