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Mr. Allan Quartermain
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Mr. Allan Quartermain
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Once a legendary colonial explorer and adventurer, Quatermain has fled the public eye and fallen to opium addiction -- perhaps as a way of quelling his cravings for the mystical drug taduki. Miss Murray digs him up in Cairo and presses him into the service of his country once more. At first he is reluctant; but it soon becomes apparent that some spark of the old heroic Quatermain yet remains in him. When he makes the effort, he can be pretty capable and resourceful; and he's especially suited to action-hero tasks like barging in and waving large guns about. He and Miss Murray bicker constantly, and he never misses an opportunity to gripe about her with their colleagues -- giving one the impression he's rather infatuated with her.

Featured in

Hunter Quartermain's story (1885) short story

Long Odds (1886) short story

Allan Quatermain(1887)  

Tale of Three Lions (1887) short story

Maiwa's Revenge (1888)

Allen's Wife (1889)

Marie (1912)

Magepa the Buck (1912) short story in "Smith and the Pharoh"

Child of Storm (1913)

Allen and the Holly flower (1915)

Ivory Child (1916)

Finished (1917)

Ancient Allen (1920)

She and Allen (1921)

Treasure of the Lake (1926)

Allen and the Ice-Gods (1927)