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Kingdom Come
Justice League of America


Kingdom Come: Revelation
The Dark Knight
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Justice League of America
Excelsior! : The Marvel Universe


Together As One, They Fight For All

Tower of Babel: by Mark Waid (Editor), Dan Curtis Johnson, Christopher Priest, Ostrander, Drew Gerac


Pocket Books is releasing a series of books based on the DC Comics JLA series. The first book, Justice League of America: Batman - The Stone King, is now available in your bookstores. Alan Grant wrote The Stone King and Alex Ross painted the cover. Alex will be painting the covers on all six books. Each book, but the last one, will feature a hero of the Justice League. The last one will focus on the team equally.

    • Following is a list of the books and writers coming up:

        • Justice League of America: Wonder Woman - Mythos written by Carol Lay - September 2002
        • Justice League of America: The Flash written by Mark Schultz
        • Justice League of America: Green Lantern - Hero's Quest written by Dennis O'Neil
        • Justice League of America: Superman written by Kyle Baker,
        • Justice League of America written by Christopher Golden